non-traditional portraits

non-traditional portraits

R is a creative professional and award-winning artist who was seeking a set of new portraits which would feel fluid and beautiful. Her desire was for a non traditional headshot, with beautiful light and artful composition. 

In our creative consultation before our photo session, she wrote to me: “I want to make portraits that are really making art with you. I’m hoping for portraits that don’t feel like straight headshots but enjoy taking advantage of atmosphere and textures but could be still be submitted as a headshot by a daring artist… I want images that say something.”

I chose two locations for us, one was a studio style space with a bonus greenhouse, the second location was an outdoor park which at the time was hosting a fog installation by Fujiko Nakaya. I worked with available/natural light and also the lovely fog effect created in the park. 

These images have been used by the client across all social media platforms as avatars including Linked In and Instagram, as well as on her personal website and for other calls for bio photographs for other opportunities and awards. 

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