the f-word

the f-word

F is for Fall, silly.

Today I had a sneak peek of Kate O’Donnell’s brand new Fall Ayurveda Cleanse Manual, featuring some photos I took last season but hadn’t found the right use for yet.

I think it looks lovely. It almost makes me ready to tuck in under the covers with a warm mug of cinnamon tea. *almost* (Summer, you’re still my first true love!)

The manual was designed by Allison Meierding, and it is full of good things. I always love to see my photography laid over with Allison’s design. She nails it, every time.

Cleansing is a wonderful way to support your transition through the seasons. To learn more about Kate’s Fall cleansing program visit her workshops page. You can sign up for classes and consultations with Kate through Down Under School of Yoga.

Down Under Yoga has a brand new website in the works for their forthcoming Boston School of Ayurveda – I gave art direction for much of the site and I look forward to sharing that with you soon.

Until then, happy chai-making.

the Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook

the Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook

I’ve been working on a huge project for the past 2 years, and today I want to give you a little peek into what is to come… I’ve made a book with Kate O’Donnell! Kate has been a long time friend and collaborator, and is wonderful yoga teacher and Ayurvedic specialist.


How did this book come about? Well, first a little bit of back story: I discovered Ayurveda several years ago through Kate’s seasonal cleanse workshop. I was enthusiastic. I was in my twenties, I had just moved to a new city. I was uncertain and out of balance, and my body was too. With her assistance, and a lot of my own Ayurvedic experimentation in the kitchen, I was able to heal my digestion which, in turn, transformed my life. For years I kept the paper clipped seasonal packets of Kate’s Ayurvedic tips and simple, candid recipes close at hand in my kitchen. I made the dozen or so recipes all the time. I tried new variations. I photographed them and blogged them. I tried to explain to friends and family what Ayurveda was all about. I was in love with the idea that homemade, nourishing food could be easy to create in your own kitchen.


It was in this spirit that Kate and I began throwing around the idea of creating a seasonal Ayurveda cookbook, one for the masses and the foodies alike. One year after releasing a short and sweet online Ayurvedic tasting guide, we began work on this book. I had a newborn baby at home and a whole lot of food to cook, taste, and photograph. It was a hectic year of late night food shopping, recipe testing, photo edits as well as eating over the kitchen sink while bouncing a crying baby. My guiding vision for photographing this book was to show the simplicity and beauty of these healing foods, and also to include much of the color and texture of India, the traditional source of Ayurveda.


I admit, I was often out of balance, tired and stressed from the demands of creative work and new parenthood. These recipes were lifesavers, I cooked them again and again, not just for the book but also for myself and my family. They nourished and grounded me and they weren’t overwhelmingly complicated. Yet in their simplicity lies a great potential, for energy and vitality and healing which I sought to capture in photographs. I can’t wait to share these recipes with you, and to help to bring Kate’s life-changing teaching on food and lifestyle to you, in your kitchen and in your home.


The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook will be available 12/1/15 and is being published by Shambhala Publications. It will be available wherever good books are sold (but you can also pre-0rder it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Shambhala).

Urban Farming at the Hutchings Homestead

Urban Farming at the Hutchings Homestead

I paid a visit to my friends Allison and Dane at their backyard urban farm in Boston, MA. They’ve been busy this summer! With a backyard full of chickens, bees, edible plants and the biggest cat I have ever seen, these two have carved out an edible urban homestead behind their historic Roxbury home. Be sure to check out their lush rooftop garden boxes!


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