midweek with my mother

midweek with my mother

A few blessed days with my mother, visiting us from the Midwest. She brings with her the latest news from my hometown, recipes to try out for us in the kitchen, and a birthday surprise for my almost 1 year old daughter, her granddaughter.


She left this morning on an airplane with a handful of autumn leaves and a new england orchard apple. And these are for me to keep….


This series is inspired by a class I am taking with the Parsons.

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an audience with saraswati

an audience with saraswati


A midwinter gathering for satsang in Boston with Robert Moses. The colors, sounds and smells of puja are a welcome respite from our new england winter life.

It makes me think of dark winter days in Scandinavia, where the interiors are full of plants and lights and colorful linens and textures. When outdoor life is that dark and cold, indoor life becomes vibrant.

Light a candle, ring a bell, celebrate an imported kiwi or cut flower. Bring a little bit of India inside.


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